5 Simple Ways To Stay Top of Mind While Spreading Positivity

5 Simple Ways To Stay Top of Mind While Spreading Positivity

In this time of uncertainty when negativity seems pervasive, it's important now more than ever to be the light that so many people need. We believe gifting is a great way to lift someone's spirits, especially when given thoughtfully and unexpectedly.  

Because this all may seem easier said than done, we've paired up with our friends at Caprichia Gift Atelier to give you 5 simple ways you can stay top of mind while spreading positivity today. Together, our signature aesthetics and boutique approach will elevate your gifting to another level. 

Welcome Home

We are all facing our own unique challenges while being forced to work and play from home. Help make the 'new normal' as welcoming as possible with some home-inspired goodies. A candle to light up any mood, personalized premium leather key chains for when they actually do leave the house and wine because...well, as our partners have so elegantly stated: "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized..."

Welcome Home Gift Box | Mel Boteri x Caprichia Atelier

Nautical Vibes

Send their senses off to Spain's Mediterranean islands with this sea-inspired gift set. Even if they physically can only soak up the water and sun in their back yard, they will appreciate the mental getaway as they fan themselves and dream of sunnier days ahead. 

Nautical Vibes Gift Set | Mel Boteri x Caprichia Gifts Atelier

Travel Smart

Remind your jet-setter friends that travel will in fact return eventually. Help them get prepped with this 'Travel Smart' gift set featuring a journal and pen to document all the places they will travel to once it becomes safe to do so again. 

Travel Smart Gift Set | Mel Boteri x Caprichia Gifts Atelier

Beauty Box

Now is the perfect time to pamper oneself, so we've put together this perfect mix of beauty products. Lip balm, hand cream, a facial roller and body lotion will keep skin in pristine condition, while shades will help protect all of this hard work when getting their much needed daily does of vitamin D. 

Beauty Box Gift Set | Mel Boteri x Caprichia Gifts Atelier 

Make It Personal

As cliche as it may sound, it truly is the thought that counts. Personalized gifts are the perfect finishing touch that will demonstrate your "Good Gifting Intentions," and let your recipients know just how much you truly care. 

Make It Personal | Mel Boteri x Caprichia Gifts Atelier

These are just some examples of the gifts we can help you curate, but we also offer bespoke boxes designed for any occasion:

  • Welcome Gifts
  • Virtual Event Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation Gifts
  • Employee Onboarding Gifts
  • Lead Generation Gifts
  • New Product Launches
  • Client and Partner Thank You Gifts
  • Anniversaries and Special Celebrations and Milestones
  • Weddings and Bridal Party Gifts
  • Holiday Gifts
  • VIP Treatment Gift Sets
  • And more...

Contact us if you would like to discuss your specific gifting needs and we will work with you to create a tailor-made proposal.  

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