Our Story


A marketplace saturated with “one-size-fits-all,” flashy merchandise ultimately inspired Mel to change the way that fashion and shopping is perceived and to create an experience that is driven by personal attention and relationships.

During her last semester of business school at Emory University, she laid the groundwork and officially launched our in-house brand, Mel Boteri, with the company’s first collection of made-to-order handbags in the fall of 2009. 

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners formed as a natural extension to the original brand and now provides its custom design, sustainable sourcing and made-to-order manufacturing services for both private and corporate clients. 

With an extensive network of European manufacturers and vendors, Mel Boteri delivers on the values of craftsmanship and personalized service through small production with higher quality, versus mass manufacturing and less attention to detail. We are committed to being distinctive, client-focused, meaningfully diverse and authentic as a company and brand. 

We are pleased to offer our corporate clients the opportunity to customize a distinct collection of Mel Boteri branded, co-branded, white label or private label items for your in-house collections, corporate premiums, gifts and events.