Meet Your Partners


A marketplace saturated with “one-size-fits-all,” flashy merchandise ultimately inspired Mel to change the way that fashion and shopping is perceived and to create an experience that is driven by personal attention and relationships.

During her last semester of business school at Emory University, she laid the groundwork and officially launched our in-house brand, Mel Boteri, with the company’s first collection of made-to-order handbags in the fall of 2009. 

She has since acquired an extensive know-how of leather goods design, production and distribution, as well as built a network of personal relationships with the most sought after European manufacturers and vendors in the luxury market. She is currently based in Atlanta, GA. 


Kerry Matia - Mel Boteri Fashion PartnersKERRY MATIA

With 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and event planning, Kerry works collaboratively with our partners to ensure the highest quality products are designed, produced and delivered within each projects’ specific market, budget and timeline. 

Kerry’s greatest strengths are her relentless drive and passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and sales leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand a company’s services and products into new and uncharted markets.


Stefano Pierpaoli - Mel Boteri Fashion PartnersSTEFANO PIERPAOLI

Based in Milan, Stefano has firsthand experience in the production of belts, wallets and accessories stemming from four generations of heritage in the making of luxury leather goods. With his brother, Luca, he redesigned the entire production process of the family-owned business to produce high quality belts for major fashion houses around the world.

Today, Stefano brings his wide experience in luxury leather goods production to OEM and/or private labels for major brands.