Case Study: Expedited Service

Case Study: Expedited Service

We recently had a new client reach out to us with a request for 1000 leather coasters which they needed in approximately 3 weeks. While we typically require at least 4-6 weeks for production, we can and always will do what we can to expedite this process. The tricky thing with this particular request was that it came through our inbox one week prior to our factory's summer holiday. If you're not familiar with European tradition, pretty much every country shuts down for the month of August -- a custom that I believe we should consider adopting here in the US ;)

After some back and forth, it was determined that we could in fact pull this last minute order off because the factory agreed to stay open just a few extra days into their holiday. Now, I have to pause here and explain that this is NOT the norm for a factory to happily agree to such a request. But because we have such a fantastic relationship (they are pretty much family), they understand that this great service we offer our clients will always pay off. 

Mel in Spain

This is a pic of me and my mom during our last visit to Spain. Francisco is the owner/manager of our factory and this is his beautiful wife, Maria Dolores who works with our shipping and logistics company. It truly is a family affair!


So back to our story with the coasters. Here's how it basically all went down... 

7/27/18 - The initial request for 1000 leather coasters came through our inbox. 

7/30/18 - Purchase order received from our client and we have the green light to go ahead.

8/1/18 - Custom design for logo/graphics sent to client, and after two rounds of edits it was approved the same day. 

Tiffany Blue Leather

The client requested "Tiffany Blue" leather so that is exactly what we sourced for them.


8/1/18 - The design and all final specs are sent to Spain and production begins.

Handbag Factory: Cutting The Leather

Cutting the leather


Die cut leather preparation

Sorting and organizing the components


Handbag Factory: stitching the leather

Stitching the coasters

Spraying the leather with a waterproofing treatment 


8/3/18 - Our factory is scheduled to close for their August, summer holiday. They thankfully agree to stay open just a few extra days to help our client out. 

8/8/18 - Production is complete and 1000 leather coasters are packed and shipped from Spain to Atlanta.

A family affair - packing and shipping out leather products

I love this photo of Francisco's family helping get the job done! 


8/13/18 - After a slight delay in customs, the coasters finally land in Atlanta. They are immediately repackaged and picked up via FedEx for delivery to their final destination. 

8/16/18 - The coasters successfully arrive in Beverly Hills - not a shabby final place to land - just in time for their big event. 

As you can see, we pulled everything off from initial concept to final delivery in less than three weeks 😅

Now, while we don't necessarily always like to work under so much pressure, I am sharing this post with you just to show that we will always do what we can to make you, our clients, happy.  

Who do you know that would benefit from our products and services? Please forward our info along or contact us directly by emailing We promise to treat you/them like family 😉

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