Case Study: Guitar-Shaped Luggage Tags For Nashville

Case Study: Guitar-Shaped Luggage Tags For Nashville

Nashville - City of Music for Corporate Meetings & EventsKnown as the Southeast's Music City, Nashville is a clear fan favorite for our event planning clients looking to please a diverse crowd. With its great food, deep history and Southern charm, there is a little something for everyone. And whether you're looking for a small and quaint venue or something larger scale such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, there is no shortage of options. 

In terms of leather gifts and premiums for a Nashville event, we've had clients select a wide range of products, from our cross-stitch leather koozies to our  western-inspired cotton blankets with leather carrier. But our favorite and most creative gift to date has to be these custom designed, guitar luggage tags we helped design and manufacture for a DMC client. 

Guitar-shaped Leather Luggage Tags

Modeled after a classical guitar, it took some careful design and planning to ensure we incorporated the beautiful details of the instrument while maintaining the functionality of a luggage tag. The contrast leathers give it the look of natural mahogany and cedar wood to create the head, neck, pick guard and bridge of an actual guitar.

Classical Guitar - Inspiration for our luggage tag design

While you won't see it in the images here, we customized these further and heat stamped the client's logo on the reverse side. 

Project timeline: 4 weeks from initial concept to delivery.

Design time: 3 days

Production time: Approximately 2 weeks

Do you have an upcoming event in Nashville or elsewhere where these guitar-shaped luggage tags would be a hit? If so, please contact us for options on customization and bulk pricing. 

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