MBFG Leather Premiums & Gifts: Music Festival Edition

MBFG Leather Premiums & Gifts: Music Festival Edition

Live music festivals are all the rage right now, with the growing trend of consumers wanting to spend their cash on experiences over hard goods. But throwing an artist on stage with good lighting and acoustics is no longer enough. Festival goers are now expecting a completely immersive experience with visuals, art, gifts, and food and beverage that are as impactful (and instagrammable) as the musical performance itself. 

Music Festival Season | Leather Gifts & Premiums

It's all in the details when it comes to creating a truly memorable event, and that especially rings true when it comes to the gifts and premiums that guests will take home. Gone are the days of tchotchkes that are likely to only land in the garbage before the music even ends. Today's consumer is savvy and eco-conscious and so quality products that will last are not only appreciated but will also extend the experience well beyond the encore!

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