On Sustainability

On Sustainability

Mel Boteri Fashion Group is committed to sourcing all materials in our supply chain in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner possible. We believe all products should be produced in harmony with the earth and its natural eco-system.

Mel Boteri was established in 2009 with the corporate commitment to only source leathers from tanneries based in Europe that produce under strict low emission mineral tanning procedures combined with elaborate recycling and water purification systems. All of our leathers are produced under the stringent environmental standards of the EU.

Mel Boteri Sustainable Sourcing

We are fully aware of the environmental impact that leather production and plastic-based synthetic leathers have on the environment. As such, we are continuously researching the market for alternatives that can meet our clients’ highest of expectations in terms of aesthetics, durability, quality and renewability.

We have committed to developing a non-animal based, non-petroleum based leather alternative with the  goal of having no or minimal impact to our eco-system. To help us to achieve this ambitious goal, we are working with partners who are equally committed to pioneering materials for a healthier planet. 

For more information or if you like to discuss partnering, please email sustainability@melboteri.com.

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