Our Creative Process

Our Creative Process

Here's a behind the seams look into our creative process. 


Our process will begin with a short discussion via phone, Zoom, email or an in-person meeting to fully understand your project scope. Some clients come to us with very specific design requests already in place while others come to us with a blank slate. We love and have experience working both ways. 

If starting from scratch, we can offer design suggestions based on your specific brand needs and target market. We are here to make your job as easy as possible and so if you'd prefer to work off of our existing designs we can offer these as either co-branded or white labeled as well. The benefit of this approach is that you will bypass any development costs since we have already done that heavy lifting for you.   

 Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Design & Concept Development



Mel Boteri will work with you to source leathers and materials to perfectly complement your branding and overall product experience. There is no need for you to deal with multiple vendors as our team of materials experts will source all the leathers, fabrics, lining, hardware, trimmings and accessories your project entails. We have a wide assortment of colors and textures and can also match your specific Pantones.

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Always on Brand



Add an extra touch of exclusivity to any of our leather items with our custom embossing and laser engraving services. We use premium application processes to add logos, initials, names, symbols or patterns to each product, offering you a truly one-of-a-kind product. 

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Customization & Personalization



Because we believe the presentation is as equally important as the gift itself, we offer custom packaging. Prices will vary greatly according to quantity and final packaging sizes needed. Our expansive network of vendors allows us to present multiple options to ensure we stay within your budget while providing the most luxurious presentation possible. 

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Custom Packaging



Our diligent project management team will manage the entire production process for you. Our commitment to quality has garnered us relationships with the most sought out factories throughout Europe with manufacturing predominately in Italy and Spain. Due to the detailed craftsmanship and custom nature of our products, our production time typically runs about 6-8 weeks not including shipping time. In some instances we are able to accommodate rush orders.

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Production & Timelines



We understand that timing is everything and it is our job to ensure your products arrive intact and on time! Detailed inspections will be performed on each item to ensure the quality is up to standard before packing.We provide both bulk shipment and individual drop shipping services. Shipping and fulfillment services will be billed separately or we can use your preferred courier. 

Mel Boteri Fashion Partners | Logistics & Delivery


Ready to bring your designs to life? We would love to become your partner in fashion. Let's chat further and make it happen!

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