FAQ Draft Page

1. What are your minimums?

We do not have minimums! However, our first production price break - versus sample price - begins at a minimum of only 10 units per style. 

2. I have a very broad idea of what I'd like to create. Do you offer design help and if so, what does this process look like?

3. How does your sampling process work?

4. I would like to review my design concept to a few key clients. Can I pay for the product development and initial sample before committing to production? 

4. Can you run production based on an existing sample I already have made?

If you already have a sample, this will be helpful to make sure we get your design exactly right but it is not necessary to have a sample first. We can also work off your detailed sketches and specifications. Just to clarify, even if you have existing patterns and samples our factory will still need to create their own patterns and a first sample in preparation for production. 

5. Do you source the materials as well, or are you simply a cut-and-sew establishment?

Our factory can do everything from A to Z. We can source leathers and materials for you. We work with premiere suppliers in Spain, Italy, France and the USA to source materials based on your specific requirements of leather grain, fabric finish, color, etc.

6. What about hardware and finishings such as grommets and zippers...do you source these materials?

Yes, we can provide the hardware and finishings needed. You do not need to provide us with any materials unless you want to - see question 9 below. 

7. What is the average price to make a first prototype?

We will need to see your design and all the specs (sizing, materials, etc.) before we can give an accurate estimated price. But just to give a ballpark figure - the initial development costs to create the patterns and first sample for a relatively basic handbag design typically start at around $1000 - $1500. This includes the pattern,  materials sourcing, and logo development needed to make the first sample. 

8. What is the average price point on production?

This will vary widely based on the complexity of your design, the materials requested and quantities you would like to produce. We will therefore need to see your design and all the specs (sizing, materials, etc.) before we can give an accurate estimated cost. Again, our first production price break starts at only 10 units per style. 

9. If I have special materials I'd like to incorporate into my designs, can I have these sent to you to incorporate into the production?

Yes, you can ship any special materials directly to us to incorporate into your finished designs. 

10. Do you handle shipping & logistics of the samples and production?

11. What is typical turn around time for the different production quantities?

12. In the past I've had samples made that were beautiful, but then the production pieces were a nightmare. Do you guarantee the same quality on production as the approved samples?

13. What are you payment terms?

Have more questions, or want to receive a quote on your next project? We would love to work with you, so please contact us for more info: mbfashiongroup@melboteri.com